Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Your audiologists at Mid-South Ear, Nose and Throat are dedicated to giving you the best services possible for all your audiological needs. From hearing loss to hearing aids, tinnitus management and special testing for dizziness symptoms, we strive to provide you with honest and reliable testing and follow-up care.


If you are experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus or dizziness, you should make an appointment with one of our physicians. First, we will look in the ear to see if wax may be blocking the canal, then we will evaluate your ear drum pressure to check for middle ear fluid and then we will perform a hearing test.

After the testing is complete, you will see the doctor for the test results. In your discussion with the physician, it may be recommended that you come back for hearing aids, tinnitus maskers, or hearing protection. You will then be scheduled for a complimentary hearing aid consultation with one of our audiologists.

If you are having dizziness, the doctor may order special testing for dizziness or vertigo, which will be scheduled on the day of your visit.